Project Description

Inswinging Casement Windows – Turn and Tilt (ICWT) 100 Series

  • Revolved round single point, circular motion, convenient operation
  • Systemic design, Ventilation, Day lighting, Security and Anti-theft performance
  • High practicability, easy cleaning
  • Micro ventilation function when titled the window, which brings more comfortable life for user
NO.Item NameQuantilyMark
1Handle1Oters are Availible
2Misuse Preventer1
3Main Transmission Rod1
4Locking Plate2
5Comer Device1
6Transmission Rod1
7Overturn Supporter1
8Disengagement Preventer1
9Supporting Block1
11Water Cap2
12Upper Pivot Hinge1Left and Right
13Bottom Pivot Hinge1