Project Description

Sliding Windows (SW) Series :Sliding Hanging Window (SHW)

  •  Concise and elegant appearance, fat window width, great view and good day-lighting
  • Flexible usage and long service life, smooth operation, high safety
  • Little space occupation, easy to install screen window
  • Prices are lower and cost-effective
  • It can be customized according to customer specifications specified.
Sliding Windows (SW) Serie Sliding Hanging Window (SHW)

Hardware Configuration for SHW 100 Series

NO.Item NameQuantityRemark
1Handle1Others are available
2Main Transmission Rod1
3Corner Device2
4Side Transmission Rod2
5Lock Plate4
6Top Connecter Rod1Left & Right
7Front Roller1Left & Right
8Bcak Roller1
9Connect Rod1
10Front Bearing Piece1Left & Right
11Back Bearing Piece2
12Top Bearing Piece1