Project Description

Aluminium Sliding Door (SD) Series SD-100

Sliding Door & Window is a common type fenestration. Due to its simple and convenient, also enter the market early, it appears in everywhere. As the market continues to be mature, besides the traditional sliding series, newly folding, lifting-sliding, sliding-tilting series also become more and more popular.

  • Several of open forms meet a wide range of application
  • It can meet large area lighting and cut off demand
  • Specifications can be resized in a wide range, neatly and unified
  • System is easy to install, flexible for adjustment
  • Humanized security designed makes the system more secure and reliable
  • There are various options to choose according to the different levels of performance requirements
Sliding Door (SD) Series 020

Hardware Configuration for SD 100 Series

NO. Item Name Quantity Remark
1 Door Handle 2 Others are available
2 Two Points Sliding Lock 2 Others are available
3 Transmission Rod 2 Selected according to the profile structure
4 Locking Hook 4
5 Anti-Strike Block 4
6 Anti-Strike Block 4
7 Anti-Strike Block 1
8 Double Roller 4
9 Left Bottom End 2
10 Right Bottom End 2
11 Left Upper End 2
12 Right Upper End 2
13 Anti-Theft Piece 1
14 Transmission Rod 2 Selected according to the profile structure