Project Description

Folding and Sliding Door (FSD) Series

Folding-Sliding Door is different from traditional sliding and side-hung door. The special opening style is widely approved by customers. The technology of sliding and folding is greatly improved. Our products have the performance of stability and reliability, and they are flexible combination with excellent bearing.

  • The folding system occupies small space
  • Large area of lighting and partition
  • Various combinations of door and sash meet different demands of customers
  • It is convenient to be installed and flexible to adjust. Good bearing ability.
  • Good balance and smooth operation
  • Excellent air tightness, stability and bearing.
Folding and Sliding Door
Folding and Sliding Door

Hardware Configuration for FSD 200 Series

NO.Item NameQuantityRemark
1Upper Pivot Hinge System1Upper pivot hinge system bears the load


2Bottom Pivot Hinge System1
3Side Pivot Hinge6Suitable for single sash: width:800mm, height:2400mm  weight: ≦60kg
6Shoot Bolt2
7Lock Plate2
10Door Lock1
11Cylinder1Others are available
12Frame Plate1
13Handle Hinge Set1
Folding and Sliding Door