FAQ Of HIWANT Aluminium Products

A: Compared with wooden window & door, aluminium window & door has its merits:
1. Light weight, strong and durable. It is about 50% lighter than steel window & door; it has a good performance on anti-corrosion, and anodizing coloring layer does not fall off, no fading.
2. Good sealing. Including air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation.
3. Beautiful and bright color and good finish.
4. Formaldehyde-free and other indoor pollution, green and environmental.

Compared with PVC or UPVC (Plastic Steel) window & door, aluminium window & door has its merits:
1. Material Guarantee. UPVC (Plastic Steel) is a mixture of plastic and few steel, the main material is still PVC.
2. Style color variety.
3. High strength, light weight, good lighting, perfect fire prevention and has a salvage value.

A: Firstly, we should know the material and temper (aluminium alloy, such as 6063-T5); Secondly, surface treatment (finish), mill finish, anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis and 4D wood grain relief;
Thirdly, practical application, for example aluminium profile for bicycle rims.
Last but not at least, it couldn’t be better if you share us the detailed drawings (PDF or Auto CAD format)

A: 1. Thickness. Aluminium sliding door has 70 series and 90 series, (Serial digit 70 or 90 means the frame structure thickness is 70 or 90 mm), usually, 70 series sliding door applied in residential interior. Aluminium sliding window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series and 90 series. Which series should be selected determined by the size of window aperture and wind pressure value in local.
2. Tensile Strength: the tensile strength should equal or greater than 157 N/mm², yield strength should equal or greater than 108 N/mm². A test method: when moderate bending the profiles, it should be able to return to the status after let go.
3. Color scale: one piece of aluminium pofile, the color between two ends should be consistent, if has obvious chromatic aberration, unfavorable choose.
4. Flatness: Careful check the surface of aluminum profile, there should not be dents or bulging.
5. Glossiness: obvious opening bubble (white) and ash (black) on the surface of aluminum profile, (such as craze, burr, peeling etc.) should be avoided to choose,
6. Degree of anodizing: the thickness of anodized film should equal or greater than 10 μm. You can scratch the surface to see if the film can be erased.

A: Henan Hiwant Aluminium Co., Ltd (Chinese Pinyin: Henan Haihuang Aluminium Company) is a manufacturing company and has factories. Henan Hiwant International Co., Ltd is trading company. Both of two companies are owned by one boss.

A: Because Henan Hiwant Aluminium Co., Ltd is physical plant, it has no import & export qualifications, then our boss set up Hiwant international Co., Ltd in order to export the products. Therefore, we have not only the factories for manufacturing the products, but also has the international export permit for exports services.

A: All of the dies are fabricated by ourselves, and we have independent die manufacturing workshop.

A: We have 20 production lines, the biggest tonnage of extrusion machine is 8000 tons.

A: Powder coating and sand blasting belong to surface treatment, equivalent of anodizing. (Different surface treatment, different price). Refer to hole drilling, it belongs to further processing too, usually for a fee.

A: Usually, Inner: protective film to protect the surface from scratching. Outer: POF shrink film. Special requirements such as palletizing, wooden case etc. will be charged extra.