Project Description

 Lifting and Sliding Door (LSD) Series

Lifting and Sliding Door (LSD) have the practicability of the sliding door, which are widely used in the door of Vila balcony, Interior partition doors and some large Gym. As countries take seriously gradually to the building energy conservation, it will be apply in more occasions. The LSD of our company can be used in different combination to meet different specification requirement.

  • High permeability for light, occupy small space when open
  • Large capacity of bearing, small open force, flexible movement
  • Good ventilation effect, good security performance
  • Effectively solve the problems of door sealing, dustproof and sound insulation
  • Good self-lubrication and anticorrosive
Lifting and Sliding Door (LSD) Series

Hardware Configuration for LSD 300 Series


NO.Item NameQuantityRemark
1Door Handle1
2Front Roller1
3Back Roller1
4Connect Rod1
5Supporting Socket1
6Supporting Block8
8Locking Plate2
9Anti-Water Cap2
10Anti-Theft Piece1
11Left/Right Position Block2
12Upper Cover1
13Supporting Block3
14Left/Right End1Left/Right
15Left/Right Cover1Left/Right
16Anti-Strike Block1
17Middle Roller1Others are available
18Handle1Others are available
19Handle1Others are available
20Locking Plate2Others are available
21Locking Plate2Others are available