Project Description


Q: The application of Industrial Aluminium Profile

A: Industrial aluminium profile with its simple and easy way of assembly is widely used in equipment rack/crate, protective fence, robot fence, workshop partition, pipelining framework, goods shelf, exhibition display rack etc.

Q: How long is the delivery time of industrial profiles?
A: All of industrial aluminum profiles are spot commodity. So we can delivery at any time after receive the order. If the profiles need to be processed, usually it needs one more day.

Q: Do you provide accessories/fittings of aluminium profiles?
A: Yes, Industry aluminium profile is a set of system. We can provide not only the profiles like beams but also matched accessories such as Joint/T bolt and bracket.

Q: can you guide the assembling?
A: Yes, firstly, our technicist will share you the assembly drawing if it were a simple pass-through, if the frame or composition structure is complex such as equipment line involved in so many accessories, we will record the processing video and tell you what tools will be operated during assembling.

Q: Can you share the catalogues of industrial aluminium profile with PDF format in which covered the details of products?
A: Of course, please contact with our marketing personnel and ask for the catalogue, and which will let you know our aluminium profiles and accessories’ specifications and quality.

Q: Are you retail about industrial aluminium profile?
A: Sure, there is no limit to the minimum of order quantity (no MOQ), and the selling price will be the same even if you only want to buy one piece.