Project Description

Wooden-Aluminium Composite Tilt-and-Turn Window (WACT) 200 Series

  • Excellent moisture resistance, no crack, no deformation, difficult to burn, and well stain
  • Defection of broken bridge, good performance of sound insulation and heat preservation
  • Outer layer of aluminum alloy is easy to maintain, and has a protective effect
  • Reflect the quality of life, good visual effect
Wooden-Aluminium Composite Series Tilt-and-Turn Window (AWCT or WACT) Series 006
No.Item NameQuantityMark
1Handle1Oters are Availible
2Loose Preventer1
3Misuse Preventer1Including Small Locking Block
4Locking Plate3
5Corner Device1
6Slanting Connerctor Rod1
7Cormer Device1
8Transmission Rod1
9Tilt Lock Plate1
10Side Transmission Rod1
11Supporting Block1
12Water Cap2
13Upper Pivot Hinge1Left and Right
14Bottom Pivot Hinge1