Project Description

Wooden-Aluminium Composite Tilt-and-Turn Window (WACT) 200 Series

  • Excellent moisture resistance, no crack, no deformation, difficult to burn, and well stain
  • Defection of broken bridge, good performance of sound insulation and heat preservation
  • Outer layer of aluminum alloy is easy to maintain, and has a protective effect
  • Reflect the quality of life, good visual effect
Wooden-Aluminium Composite Series Tilt-and-Turn Window (AWCT or WACT) Series 006
No. Item Name Quantity Mark
1 Handle 1 Oters are Availible
2 Loose Preventer 1
3 Misuse Preventer 1 Including Small Locking Block
4 Locking Plate 3
5 Corner Device 1
6 Slanting Connerctor Rod 1
7 Cormer Device 1
8 Transmission Rod 1
9 Tilt Lock Plate 1
10 Side Transmission Rod 1
11 Supporting Block 1
12 Water Cap 2
13 Upper Pivot Hinge 1 Left and Right
14 Bottom Pivot Hinge 1
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