Project Description

Sliding Windows (SW) Series :Sliding Hanging Window (SHW)

  •  Concise and elegant appearance, fat window width, great view and good day-lighting
  • Flexible usage and long service life, smooth operation, high safety
  • Little space occupation, easy to install screen window
  • Prices are lower and cost-effective
  • It can be customized according to customer specifications specified.
Sliding Windows (SW) Serie Sliding Hanging Window (SHW)

Hardware Configuration for SHW 100 Series

NO. Item Name Quantity Remark
1 Handle 1 Others are available
2 Main Transmission Rod 1
3 Corner Device 2
4 Side Transmission Rod 2
5 Lock Plate 4
6 Top Connecter Rod 1 Left & Right
7 Front Roller 1 Left & Right
8 Bcak Roller 1
9 Connect Rod 1
10 Front Bearing Piece 1 Left & Right
11 Back Bearing Piece 2
12 Top Bearing Piece 1
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