Project Description

Outswinging Casement Window (OCW) Series : Curtain wall Parallel Opening Window (OCWP)

  •  The casement of parallel opening window parallel to open outward, the opening mode is innovative, and whether opening or closing can keep the whole facade neat.
  • When the window is opening, it does not take up the interior space, and has the performance of flexible ventilation, which is considered as the advantages of fire protection and smoke extraction
  • According to the size of window  matching the specification and quantity of Friction Stay, each parallel opening window equips with at least three frictions in the edge of the window (as the configuration diagram NO.4 and NO.6 )
  • The maximum height of parallel opening window is 1600mm, the width within 800mm.
  • The both right & left sides of window (as the configuration diagram NO.4) playing the role of load-bearing is bearing friction. The both up & down sides (as the configuration diagram NO.5 and NO.6) playing the role of guiding is oriented friction.
Outswinging Casement Window (OCW) Series Curtain wall Parallel Opening Window (OCWP)
No. Item Name Quantity Remark
1 Pushrod Handle 1 As Sketch
2 Alu. Transmission Rod 1 Selected according to the window-type
3 Locking Plate 4
4 Friction Stay 2
5 Friction Stay 1
6 Friction Stay 1
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