Project Description

Aluminium Alloy Louver Window (LW) Series Single Sash Louver Window (SLW)

  • Superior shading and shelter, good flexibility, difficult deformation, effectively resist ultraviolet ray
  • Smooth surface, feel comfortable, rich color, good resilience and tenacity
  • Good sound insulation effect, tight sealing, guards against theft and durable
  • The light and brightness can be controlled according to your need, it has good privacy
  •  Aluminium blade with high heat reflectivity can reflect most of sun heat, which helps to improve the effect of air conditioning, thus achieves the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection
Aluminium Alloy Louver Window (LW) Series Single Sash Louver Window (SLW)

Hardware Configuration for SLW 100 Series

NO. Item Name Quantity Remark
1 Handle 1 Left & Right
2 Alum. Transmission Rod 1
3 Locking Plate 2
4 Side Transmission Rod 2
5 Shim 1
6 Supporting Block 1
7 Swing Rod 1
8 Left B Protection Cover 2
9 Right B Protection Cover 2
10 Left Leaf Clamping Device 1 Selected according to the window-high
11 Right Leaf Clamping Device 1
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