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How to Manufacture The Perfect Alloy 6061-T6 Aluminum Profile


1. Firstly, qualified chemical composition is the important precondition. Before aluminium extrusion, make sure that [...]

The Knowledge If Purchasing Aluminum Alloy ZAlSi12 (Zl102)


Material: ZAlSi12, Alloy: Zl102 Characteristics and Applicable: Do not heat treatment to strengthen, alloy Zl102 [...]

Knowledge If Buying 5052 Aluminum Alloy Sheet From China


Brief Introduction: Alloy 5052 Aluminium Sheet is of Al-Mg Alloy, and one of the most [...]

You Should Know If You Want To Purchase The Best Aluminum Grille From China Manufacturer


What is Aluinium Grille? Aluminium grille is one material of suspended ceiling, it is featured [...]

High Strength Aluminum Is Becoming More Popular in Automotive Industry


The huge growing world car ownership is great influencing people's work and life, but resulting [...]

6 FAQs When Buying Industrial Aluminum Profiles From China Factories


Q: The application of Industrial Aluminium Profile A: Industrial aluminium profile with its simple and [...]

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