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Characteristic Analysis of Aluminum Materials for Aviation Honeycomb Panels

the characteristics of aluminum make it an ideal material for aircraft honeycomb panels. Its light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance properties make it an indispensable material in the aerospace industry. By using aluminum for honeycomb panels, aircraft manufacturers can produce lighter, more durable and safer aircraft for the future

Aluminum extrusion technology

the metal billet is placed at the bottom of the die and extruded upward through the die hole, while in forward extrusion, the metal billet is pushed through the die from one end to the other. These differences in material flow and stress distribution lead to distinct deformation behaviors and product characteristics.

Aluminum surface oxide film

As the thickness of the oxide film increases, the reflection, refraction, and interference effects of light between aluminum surface and light also increase. The increase in oxide film thickness leads to a complex phase relationship between the transmitted light through the oxide film and the aluminum surface, resulting in deeper colors on the surface of aluminum. This is because some light is absorbed, while others are reflected, leading to a decrease in the intensity of light within a specific wavelength range.

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